A rough guide to our fees

1. Consultation fee for meetings
  ¥10,000/hour (excluding tax)

2. Fees for individual items

Overseas-related tasks Application for naturalization From ¥150,000
Application for certificate of eligibility From ¥100,000
Application for change of status of residence From ¥100,000
Application for extension of period of stay From ¥70,000
Application for permanent residence From ¥100,000
Application for re-entry permit From ¥10,000
Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted From ¥10,000
Application for certificate of authorized employment From ¥20,000
Assistance for employment of foreign nationals
(Employment regulations, support for producing employment contracts, etc.)
Consulted separately
Corporation-related tasks Procedures for establishing a corporation (Fee does not include registration) From ¥100,000
Bookkeeping and production of financial statements (Does not include filing with the tax office) From ¥10,000/month
Production of conference minutes From ¥10,000
Production of contracts/td>

From ¥10,000
Production of international transaction communications (in English) From ¥50,000
Production of English-language contracts (buying/selling) From ¥100,000
Tasks related to permit and license applications Application for restaurant business license From ¥50,000

3. Consultation fee based on consultation contract
  From ¥10,000/month
  (Separate consultation depending on details of consultation contract)

Supplementary notes:

    ・Fees noted in #2 and #3 above are for reference only.
    ・Above fees do not include fees paid to government agencies, legal or other expenses, transportation expenses, etc.
    ・For the services noted in #2 and #3 above, we always submit an estimate of the various fees to the client before formally accepting to work with a client.

The estimate includes not only the fees but also legal fees and other expenses such as transportation expenses. We also strive to explain each item to the client’s satisfaction.