Formulating an Agenda


Step 1
Enquiry and Consultation

Please contact us via the Enquiry Form or by phone.Enquiry FormorPhone:03-5797-7194 FAX:03-5797-7469

Step 2
Interview with client concerning details, Advice within the range of possibilities
Based on our rough understanding of the details from the enquiry and interview, we provide advice on possible plans or solutions. This is conducted by email or fax where possible.


Step 3
Setting up a time and place for a meeting
In the event we need to learn more details in order to reach a solution for the agenda, we set up an appointment for a meeting at either the client’s premises or at our office.


Step 4
Formal decision by client for consultation contract
After the meeting, if the client agrees with the proposal presented by our office (including procedures toward a solution and the costs and remuneration involved), we sign and conclude a contract.


Step 5
Confirmations with the client
We contact the client about the documents that are required for the details of the proposal. We also confirm the items that we need from the client. At the same time, the client remits to us their payment of the start-up fee and expenses in accordance with the details we provide in advance.
Step 6
Execution of services
Upon receipt of the start-up fee and expenses from the client, we execute our services promised in the contract (such as the collection, production, and submission of documents) toward the solution of the issues.
Resolution of the original agenda
Following the provision of services, the client remits the balance of the payments due, and the service is completed.